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My Tree Is Sick . . . What Can I Do?

Friday, June 15th, 2012

We at Van Zeeland Nursery & Landscape continuously receive phone calls from homeowners who are concerned that a tree, shrub or evergreen that they own is having ‘health’ issues.  Sometimes we are able to help them over the phone; other times we need to refer them to someone that may know more about those specific plant symptoms.

To help homeowners in identifying the insect or disease that may be damaging their plant, the DNR has created a new website called DNR Forest Health.  This website is loaded with useful and easy-to-navigate links.  Simply click on the My Tree Is Sick picture at this site to find identification, diagnosis, disease and insect information.  Hopefully this information can help you get your plant on the road to recovery.

Also, the Read link on this site brings you to annual reports and regional forest health updates.  These timely regional forest health updates describe noteworthy pests present in our area at any particular time.  The annual report gives an excellent summary of insect, disease and abiotic issues facing our urban and traditional forests during the preceding year.

Be sure to bookmark this website in your Favorites!  Info: